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Welcome to Good Vibrations Massage and Acupuncture Blog.

We are a natural therapies clinic just a short walk from Oxford Street in the heart of Bulimba and only 7 km from Brisbane's CBD.

We offer pain relief with our signature massage and acupuncture or Dry Needling combination treatments. Cupping and moxibustion are also sometimes incorporated into out treatments.

Claire also specialises in fertility issues for both men and women and IVF support using both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture also treats anything from low back pain to sciatica, upper back pain, migraines, anxiety, chronic fatigue and more.

There is ample street parking and the Bulimba City Cat close by.

A little about me How I became interested in Acupuncture.

When I was 15 years old I got glandular fever. I had been healthy, happy and energetic before that. For many years due to the glandular fever I was plagued with fatigue, headaches, feeling stress, inability to concentrate in school, and a constant feeling of my head being in a fog.

This all had a negative affect on my energy and ability to enjoy life. It wasn’t until was 19 that I found out about acupuncture and was given a phone number to a clinic. When I called the receptionist explained that fine needles were inserted into different points of the body and that it would improve my energy levels and reduce stress. She said that there was a point in the top of the head that when acupuncture was done on that point that concentration was greatly improved, and that if the needle was angled in a different direction that it would make you very relaxed and help with insomnia or poor sleep. Initially I couldn’t believe that sticking needles in a person would make them more relaxed and more energised so I thought I have to try this!

When I went into the treatment room the acupuncturist asked me a variety of questions about my medical history, appetite, digestion, sleep, and menstrual cycle amongst other things. Then he looked at my tongue and took my pulse and wrote down some notes and then started to do the acupuncture on me. I will never forget the first needle going in! It was a point on my foot between the big toe and the second toe. I felt this whooooosh ...of energy run up my body from my foot to my head and this movement of energy was exhilarating! The other needles were put in hands legs and abdomen and left in for about half an hour while I rested and listened to peaceful music. When I walked out of the clinic I felt like I had fallen in love and so energised. You know the way you feel when you worried about something like the result of an exam and then you receive the best possible news like you passed with honours! That’s how I felt after acupuncture! And I felt that way for some days afterwards.

I had an acupuncture treatment every 2 weeks and it really helped me get through uni without having to suffer from stress and exhaustion. I finished a chemistry degree and worked in a couple of labs for a few years but I was always intrigued at how acupuncture worked and the philosophy behind it all. This is why I eventually left the work in the lab and enrolled in the 3 year full time acupuncture course. I did some further training working in the hospitals in Guang Xi province of China. Its now 16 years on and I am still practicing acupuncture at my clinic in Bulimba,

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